FAQ with writer/director Matias Luge

How did the film come about?

This film was realized as a joint project between the production management (me) and interns from the Naumann Film GmbH in Munich. Naumann Film produces high-quality advertising films, whereby this film was created outside of the workplace. The entire project was financed by the crew members themselves.

Why was the film made?

I am a big fan of model making and have assambled numerous historical aircraft models myself. Since I also love horror films, it made sense to combine that.

In addition, I think that genre films in Germany are not cultivated as much as they should be. We have therefore decided to make a contribution to the genre.

Was there a cinematic inspiration?

The horror short films by David F. Sandberg on his YouTube channel ponysmasher were a big source of insight. The included tutorials and behind the scenes videos also offer a fantastic insight.

How did the background of the monster come about?

My grandfather had experienced an English air raid on his city as a child in World War II. He told me how he and his family barely survived. That was the main inspiration for the monster.

What was the most difficult thing about the project?

The film had to be finished on a close date. Since nobody in the team had model building experience, I had to assemble the aircraft model in the film by myself in addition to pre-production. This brought with it considerable time pressure ^^

Making of:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpYtpleT2_I&t

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